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Working prisons the right approach

30 Jan 2013


The Public Service Association says the creation of more working prisons is the right approach which will bring social benefits.


The government has announced that it is extending full time work programmes in several prisons involving up to 1400 inmates.


The PSA says the initiative is being driven by Corrections management and has the backing of staff across the Department.


“It is well known that employment plays a huge part in preventing reoffending when prisoners are released.  Giving them solid and practical employment skills while they are in prison will help ease their transition back into communities and cut down their risk of reoffending,” says PSA National Secretary Brenda Pilott.


She says having prisoners more employable on their release also has significant trickle down effects.


“It means less reoffending which means a smaller prison population, it helps break the cycle and cost of drug addiction, and helps families off benefits.”


The PSA says it would like to see more detail around the plan, particularly on the potential impact to local industries and communities.


“The plan could struggle to get local business or community support if it is used simply as a source of cheap labour which could potentially take away local jobs or undercut local business,” Brenda Pilott says.

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