Community Public Services

PSA membership in the community sector is growing rapidly. To make sure your interest are fully represented, we've made changes to our structure and created the Community Public Services sector.

This sector covers people working in:

  • disability
  • mental health/ drug and alcohol
  • home support
  • social services, and
  • aid and development organisations

The Community Public Services sector has its own national committee and a seat on the PSA Executive Board.  This ensures your sector has a voice at all levels of PSA decision-making.

The difference the PSA can make

We know that funding in the sector is tight.  It is getting harder for organisations to meet the growing demands in their communities and elsewhere.  It's also getting harder to provide employees with job security and the pay and conditions they deserve.

The services and support that you provide are important.  With a growing membership, the PSA will be in your corner.  We have the expertise to work with you for decent pay and employment conditions, a good working environment, and for your voice to be included in workplace decisions.

We will be a strong advocate for you and for the work you do.

Jenny Goodman, convenor,

Carol Hastie,

Frances Lazarus,

Carol Mace,

Mele Sanaerivi (to August),

Harry Pihema.


The committee remembers Liz Bowman, a long serving CPS sector committee representative, who passed away in 2014

Media Releases

Dunedin rally today after Anglican organisation suspends 27 staff without pay ahead of Christmas

27 staff working for Anglican Family Care (AFC) in Dunedin, Alexandra and Balclutha have been suspended without pay just ten days before Christmas.

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News from the PSA. Our new national secretary

Our new national secretary

Erin Polaczuk is the new national secretary who joins Richard Wagstaff in the senior leadership team.

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News from the PSA. A win-win for home support

A win-win for home support

The PSA has reached a ground-breaking agreement with the government and employers that will improve the lives of home support workers and improve the chance of services being available if we need them in later life.

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News from the PSA. Hui taumata

Hui taumata

Hui taumata, the peak body for the PSA rūnanga, ngā Toa Āwhina, was held at Orongomai marae, Upper Hutt, in early August.

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News from the PSA. Behind the scenes - delegates supporting members

Behind the scenes - delegates supporting members

Trained, experienced delegates can play an important role in supporting members who are on the carpet because of a complaint or concern.

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News from the PSA. Sneaking privatisation

Sneaking privatisation

When the National Government sold 49 percent of Genesis Energy, prime minister John Key promised it would be the last asset sale that his government would undertake.

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