District Health Boards

The PSA is a major health union with over 15,000 members employed by district health boards. Union members are the bedrock of our public health services.

The PSA in health

The PSA is organising for good and rewarding careers that reflect the value we place on public health services and the people who provide them.

Framework for bargaining

Click here to read the framework for bargaining for the 2013 round of negotiations. 

Renee Delamere, convenor,

Andy Colwell, deputy convenor,

Janet Calley,

Rosemary Cullen,

Nancy Dally,

Allan Franks,

Richard Hemingway,

Annie Hetherington,

Jacky Maaka,

Ellaina Martin,

Ewan McCafferty,

Carol Padgett,

Mike Prouting,

Janet Quigley,

Caz Thompson,

Tiare Williams.