State Sector

Focusing on your sector

PSA membership in the state sector sector is growing rapidly. To make sure your interests are fully represented, we've made changes to our structure and created a structure for members working in the wider state services – the State Sector.

The State Sector has its own national committee and a seat on the PSA Executive Board, this ensures your sector has a voice at all levels of PSA decision-making.

You can meet the members of the committee here.

The difference the PSA can make

We know that funding in the sector is tight.  It is getting harder for organisations to meet the growing demands in their communities and elsewhere.  It's also getting harder to provide employees with job security and the pay and conditions they deserve.

The services and support that you provide are important.  With a growing membership, the PSA will be in your corner.  We have the expertise to work with you for decent pay and employment conditions, a good working environment, and for your voice to be included in workplace decisions. 

We will be a strong advocate for you and for the work you do.


Media Releases

More deaths and injuries will result from health and safety backdown

The Public Service Association (PSA) says the gutting of the proposed new health and safety legislation will result in more workplace deaths and injuries, breaking John Key’s promise to the nation after the Pike River tragedy.

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News from the PSA. New Inland Revenue-PSA Rūnanga agreement a first in the public sector

New Inland Revenue-PSA Rūnanga agreement a first in the public sector

Ka tangi te tītī, Ka tangi te kākā, Ka tangi hoki ko te manu taupua.

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News from the PSA. Sexual harassment guidelines

Sexual harassment guidelines

The State Services Commission and the Ministry for Women have developed a policy guideline on prevention and response to workplace sexual harassment.

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News from the PSA. On the job: Heidi Baker

On the job: Heidi Baker

ESR senior scientist Heidi Baker talks to Dan Phillips about the day-to-day realities of being a forensic scientist.

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News from the PSA. Developing union leaders

Developing union leaders

New leaders come through the PSA structures all the time.

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News from the PSA. Wellington PSA Youth gathering

Wellington PSA Youth gathering

PSAY members from the Wellington region met last week for the first time for 2015 at PSA House.

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