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Bargaining Agenda

Work Rights for Living!

We all have busy 21st century lives and it’s over time for workplaces to change to reflect this reality. This can benefit everyone – employers will benefit from higher productivity, improved recruitment and retention and better staff morale and it will dramatically improve the quality of workers’ lives and levels of job satisfaction.


The PSA Women’s Network is developing an agenda called Work Rights for Living. This will give us a “to do” list when we’re talking to employers, negotiating employment agreements and lobbying for change to legislation.


What do you think needs to change?

We’ve set out some ideas to get the discussion started. Are they good ideas? Are they unrealistic or are we not aiming high enough? You can add your comments in each of the sections that follow.


Got friends and colleagues who might also be interested in joining in this discussion? Please forward this link on to them.


Want to sit down with a group of colleagues and come up with some quick responses? Great idea! You can enter these in the sections that follow too.

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Pay equity

What is needed?

• Transparent pay rates and starting salaries for all roles

• An obligation to monitor, regularly report on and respond to any inequities in pay, pay progression, access to other rewards, career progression and access to training and development.

• An obligation to address any identified inequities.

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