Unions help workers to support each other in the workplace and negotiate for improvements to working conditions, so that employees don't have to face problems on their own.

When workers act together, they have strength and safety in numbers and a better chance at getting what they need at work.

Organised by union representatives, unions bargains with employers for collective employment agreements, as well as helping employees by providing information and advice about work-related issues.

Through bargaining, members' collectively negotiate with employers over issues such as pay, health and safety, and terms and conditions like maternity leave, holiday entitlement or sick pay. Unions also campaign about key issues in society, which often affect members.

The PSA represents members on workplace issues, negotiating collective employment agreements, and advocating for strong public services. We also mobilize the collective voice of our members to progress our union goals, for example through our campaigning for equal pay. 

While terms and conditions in the workplace are important, unions are about even more. We offer various networking opportunities as well as exclusive member benefits to support you both in and outside of your working life.

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