Annual meetings

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) provides constitutional oversight in between national delegate congresses and receives reports from the treasurer and the executive board.

The AGM is attended by the executive board, four additional representatives from each sector, an additional staff group representative, and the secretariat.

National delegates’ congress

Our national delegates’ congress is held biennally and brings together representatives of all the sectors of the PSA every two years. It is our highest constitutional body and sets our overall direction.

Each of the PSA's five sectors sends one delegate for every 500 full members.

In addition, there are two Rūnanga representatives from each sector, and three representatives from each of our formal networks (Women's, PSA Youth, PSA Pasefika, Out@PSA and Deaf and Disabled Members' Network). Other delegates include members of the PSA's executive board and a staff representative. At congress, representatives consider any remits proposed by sector committees, the Rūnanga, the secretariat or the executive board. Congress is also responsible for electing the PSA president and granting life membership.