Strategic goals

Our purpose is to build a union that is able to influence the industrial, economic, political and social environment in order to advance the interests of PSA members – creating a better working life for our members.

About our strategic goals

Our strategic goals set aspirational targets about where we want the PSA to be in 2024, and within that has three year cycles where we set more specific goals and plan towards achieving them.

This is a whole of union approach, has been signed off by the executive board and has been developed through the governance structures of the union and after consultation with other interested parties.

To support the implementation of the goals, each sector within the union develops its own plan, in-line with the overall strategic goals, and each year the secretariat issues its operational priorities, which applies the strategic goals to annual objectives to guide the work of the union in that year.


Tree logo 200pxOur strategic goals:

Transforming our workplaces
Workplaces are transformed so that work is fulfilling, productive and satisfying.

Building our union
Membership of the PSA is strong and growing, and the
union is resilient and sustainable.

Advocating for strong, innovative and effective public and community services
Our influence has led to sustained political and public support for properly funded innovative public and community services.

Equal Pay
All PSA members are paid equally for work of equal value.


Te Tiriti o Waitangi

Supporting these goals, and woven through them, is the PSA’s commitment to advancing Te Tiriti o Waitangi principles of partnership, protection and participation as they relate to the working lives of members.