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Latest Pay Equity Update

28th November 2022

Our assessment work continues with pleasing progress! We are now well into assessing our comparator roles, as well as finishing up the process for APHST member roles. Only seven roles remain to be assessed. This includes our Hauora Māori workers, and we will be beginning interviews and questionnaires for these members on December 8th. We also have four role profiles left to go through the validation process.  

With three days a week up until December 14th dedicated entirely to assessment, you can rest assured that we are doing everything we can to make sure that this process is completed quickly!
Pay Equity Memorandum of Understanding - NOW SIGNED

When we settled our new MECA in June, the settlement included a Heads of Agreement in which we committed to developing an MoU outlining how the Allied, Public Health, Scientific and Technical claim would progress to settlement.
We are pleased to inform you that the PSA has now reached agreement on this MoU with Te Whatu Ora.
This MoU contains some important provisions that will give members more assurance and clarity about the delivery of Pay Equity. These include:
  • A commitment to delivering an interim pay adjustment with an effective date of 30th November 2022, subject to sex-based undervaluation being established. (This does not mean that payment will be made on the 30th of November, but that when payments are agreed, they will be back paid to 30th November).
  • Commitment to a one-time lump sum payment to all employees in an occupation that is proven to have sex-based undervaluation.
  • Commitment that the parties will use their best endeavours to reach a settlement no later than 29th April 2023.
The completion of the MoU represents an exciting step forward in this claim and should serve as an assurance to all members that progress is being made!


For a detailed summary of the Pay Equity process click here.

Our FAQs have been updated! This includes a new section about the Allied Pay Equity Memorandum of Understanding. For the new version, click here. (Updated questions appear in red font).

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