• Posted on: 14/08/2022
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We have had a significant amount of enquires from members regarding the increasing cost of living expenses and how we are addressing these issues.

The PSA is currently addressing this directly with the Public Service Commission (PSC) along with other affiliated unions to the Council of Trade Unions (CTU).

To be clear no Union can go directly to the Ministry of Justice and achieve financial relief without approval of the Public Service Commission and or the relevant Minister, to suggest that would be misleading.

The PSA alongside other CTU unions has begun negotiations with the PSC and the government for a whole of public service pay rise with the combined influence of 250,000 union members to achieve this , we have PSA officials in the room  along with other Council of Trades Union affiliates to broker this.

The PSA and CTU affiliates are seeking an advantage for members affiliated to the Council of Trades Unions, this is all of you that are PSA members.