Our networks

Joining a PSA network connects you to other members with similar interests or issues across the union. Networks are self-managing and host a range of events, training opportunities (Like leadership training), conferences and regular communications.

Our networks are an excellent way to get more involved with your union. Our campaign work on Equal Pay has been and continues to be a success because it is championed by the Women's Network. We have some of the best and most active youth members in the country thanks to the PSA Youth network. Networks are driving change within our union, and we couldn't be more proud of what we're accomplishing together.

Joining a network is easy. Simply log in to MyPSA and choose which networks you want to be a part of on the 'networks' page. (Or you can click 'join network' on any of these network pages.)

If you're 35 or under, you're automatically a member of PSA Youth.

If you aren't a PSA member yet, you can choose to join a network when you join online.

Learn more about each network through the side menu on this page.

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PSA Youth Leaders Hui, 2015