Deaf and Disabled Members

The Deaf and Disabled members' network is a place to share information, organise, and lobby on issues which affect our communities.

We recognise the restrictions of the language of ‘Deaf and Disabled’ and are not a deficit modelled network. The network celebrates our diverse communities living with different abilities and our right to organise and be heard.

We also want to tap into the great leadership potential that exists within our communities and make sure it has a chance to flourish. Particularly as it is election year we want to make sure that in deciding critical campaign issues the voices from our deaf and disabled communities are strong and clear. You as a member will help define this voice so we encourage you to get involved.

A chance to meet others from our deaf and disabled communities, network, have fun and organise

A regular monthly newsletter of current events and stories of fantastic people from our communities

A chance to attend any meetings or events organised by the network

Access to resources that you can use-this year we will be uploading resources for the network such as flyers, a brochure and posters.

Employer attitudes towards employing disabled people

Research has been commissioned to explore New Zealand employers’ attitudes towards employing disabled people.

Employers were asked a range of questions in order to find out more about the qualities they looked for in potential employees, what they thought were the barriers to the employment of disabled people, about their attitudes towards disabled people, how they thought staff and customers perceived disabled staff and to what extent they were influenced in their employment decisions by the reactions of others.  Find out more at think differently.



Be. Accessible

Imagine a world where every person, building and community is truly accessible.  That world is what Be. Accessible has set out to create.

Be. Accessible is a social change initiative and a holistic framework for accessibility with a mission to create a truly accessible country for us all.  Find out more over at their website.



ImagineBetter is an independent agency promoting leadership and outcome-based quality in services for people with disabilities, the mentally unwell and older people. To find out more head on over to their website.

News from the PSA. 2016 PSA annual and financial report

2016 PSA annual and financial report

Congress 2016 approved our annual and financial report, detailing both our activity over the previous 12 months, and our financial position.

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News from the PSA. PSA Congress 2016

PSA Congress 2016

On September 20-21, more than 150 PSA delegates from across the country gathered in Wellington for two days of discussion, debate and decision making.

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News from the PSA. PSA Congress coming soon

PSA Congress coming soon

Every second year, more than 100 PSA delegates from across the country gather for our biennial Congress.

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News from the PSA. Happy New Zealand Sign Language week!

Happy New Zealand Sign Language week!

This year is the 10th anniversary of New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) becoming an official language, and we're marking NZSL week with a few union-relevant signs for you to learn.

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News from the PSA. Deaf and Disabled members’ network

Deaf and Disabled members’ network

One in four New Zealanders lives with a disability, whether visible or invisible.

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Media Releases

Media advisory: Disabled community to protest against loss of unique Auckland Council support roles

The Public Service Association (PSA), the union for Auckland Council workers, is supporting members of Auckland’s disability community who will speak to Auckland Council’s Chief Executive Committee in support of the retention of the Council’s disability advisors.

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