Eco Network

The emergent Eco Network consists of PSA members interested in generating union activity around sustainability in their workplaces, climate change and wider issues of environmental justice.

The Eco network is currently being relaunched and is for members interested in generating union activity around environmental issues in their workplaces and beyond. 

We currently have around 1000 members of the network (earlier known as 'Eco reps').

For some insights into the role of unions in environmental issues in their workplaces and beyond, a key event this year was the Just Transition Round Table held in Wellington in October 2018. 

If you're thinking of joining the Eco Network, this is recommended viewing: 

Purposes and goals of the network

Purposes of the Eco network include building union organisation to improve workplace sustainability, and contributing to global campaigning for environmental justice and action on climate change.

Goals envisaged for the network, subject to discussion and agreement, include:

1. Promoting the shift to more environmentally sustainable workplaces
2. Educating members and the public about the connections between environmental quality, economic health and social justice
3. Showing leadership on workplace sustainability 
4. Building union organisation

This is up for discussion with members of the network.

Member-led network

This is a member-led network. We’re keen to hear your ideas, support activity, and tap into the vast expertise of the PSA membership on environmental issues.

Your Eco network organiser

SusannahB 1

The activities of the network will be supported by PSA Organiser Susannah Bailey.

Susannah is a PSA Organiser based in Auckland and currently organises at Inland Revenue, DOC, Stats NZ, and several scientific state sector organisations. She is a member of PSA Staff Eco Action (SEA) and is active on environmental issues in and out of work.

Susannah: "I’m excited to help grow the Eco Network, connect interested members, and progress shared goals".

You can contact Susannah at


Eco Network- environmentally friendly tavel tips for easter

With many of us planning trips away for Easter, PSA Eco Network has some tips for reducing your fuel consumption and your impact on the environment (not to mention your wallet) these holidays.

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