Eco Network

The Eco Network is for members interested in building union activity around climate change and other environmental issues in their workplaces and beyond.

Eco Network icon only2As a member led virtual network, we are here to  help promote ideas, support member led activities, and tap into the expertise of the PSA membership on environmental issues.

We currently have over 1200 network members, and are in the process of establishing an informal network structure including leadership roles – ‘Eco Reps’. 

Network purposes and goals

The purpose of the PSA Eco Network is to build union organisation to improve workplace sustainability, and contribute to global campaigning for environmental justice and action on climate change.

More specific goals are:

1. Promote the shift to more environmentally sustainable workplaces
2. Educate members and the public about the connections between environmental quality, economic health and social justice
3. Show leadership on workplace sustainability 
4. Build union organisation

Your Eco network organiser

SusannahB 1

The activities of the network are supported by PSA Organiser, Susannah Bailey.

Susannah: "I’m excited to help grow the Eco Network, connect interested members, and progress shared goals". You can contact Susannah at

The PSA’s purpose is to build a union organisation able to influence the industrial, economic, political and social environment in order to advance the interests of PSA members. Those interests include achieving a sustainable future – something all of our members depend on.  We also recognise that poor environmental outcomes are linked to unequal and unsustainable economic outcomes, which are directly linked to poor and unequal social outcomes.

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One of the most serious issues currently impacting our planet is climate change.  Climate change will affect not only our lives, but also our work.  PSA members across the sectors (including those working in health, environmental services, primary industries, town planning, and civil defence) are planning for and will be directly grappling with changes brought on by increasingly severe extreme weather events and changing weather patterns.  All public and community services, and workers, will need to adapt. 

We know that for many of our members, climate change and other environmental issues are deeply felt concerns, and they want to see the PSA and other unions demonstrating leadership. 

For some insights into the relevance of climate change to unions, check out this video from the 2018 Just Transitions Summit:

For more information on Just Transitions, see the Just Transitions tab.