Learning Reps

“Transforming the Workplace” is a key PSA strategy to provide good jobs for members and improved services in a high trust, high performance workplace culture.

Workplace learning and career development play an important part in this. Good pay and careers are an outcome of many factors including skills, qualifications and experience and the opportunities members have to extend these.

Workplace learning, including employer funded participation in courses and on-the-job learning, has always been an essential ingredient in individual career development and a workforce that is more productive and innovative.

Job security is not always about  staying in the same job but includes continuing to develop the skills and experience necessary to allow people to move between roles, employers and sectors.  From the employer’s point of view, good career pathways deliver them the people they need in the jobs that need doing.

The PSA is well placed to provide an industry level worker/learner perspective and to advocate and influence to advance members’ interests in good jobs and careers.

PSA Learning reps will play key roles in ensuring members gain access to further learning and training in their

Did you know...

Almost every union in the UK has a learning programme. Overall, the scale of activity is impressive.

In the past 10 years more than 25,000 Union Learning Reps have been trained, over 800,000 working people have been involved in some form of learning, there are over 1,000 workplace learning centres and unions have negotiated over 1,500 learning agreements with employers.

The Future for Union Learning, a report by the UK union thinktank Union 21, can be read below.