Caleb Gordon

With over a decade of PSA involvement Caleb is committed to core union values of collectivity and solidarity. Alongside this he has been visible and vocal in weaving work and action on deeper structural issues that impact our communities into union activities.

With Out@PSA and the wider movement he is working to stand with our communities in the struggles and experiences that we know to be true as rainbow workers. Through the work of this network he hopes to offer a voice to this section of the PSA members and ensure they feel and are seen as valued members of the union movement.

Fairy bread & roses.

Caleb (He/Him)

Theresa Peters

Senior Advisor Inclusion and Diversity for Ara Poutama Aotearoa (Corrections)

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Joseph Te Kira

Support Officer, MSD Waitakere Contact Centre

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Sylvan Spring

Policy Analyst, Te Puni Kōkiri

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Danielle Calder

Secondary Tertiary, MoE

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Angele Toomey

Principal Analyst at WorkSafe NZ

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Nico Haustein

Oranga Tamariki

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