Catrin McHugh

I am pleased to be part of this committee to bring my experience of having to navigate my love for my woman with my colleagues and clients. On the 14th of March I married my beautiful wife. Sometimes I have to hold back out of fear for my relationship with my clients to be impacted, which might lead to the children in their care to be affected negatively due to my need to be transparent about my sexuality.

It is a constant walk on the razor’s edge….

I also speak from experience as a mother and the situations arising when I find myself justifying how my children are not suffering and are well despite their mother’s relationship choices.

In my training for Oranga Tamariki I’ve come across situations where I found homophobia was inadvertently perpetuated by a training question posed to the trainees in their induction program in a session about ethical dilemmas. I would one day like to express what upset me about that situation and put it in front of Learning and Capability Development in a constructive way.