Geraldine Christmas

My personal standpoint arises from my strong interest in gender and social justice issues, especially in relation to other issues such as medical ethics, informed consent and human rights. Though I do not have an intersex condition, my reading of intersex and gender variant people’s childhood experiences of gender and sex role expectations – because of their female assignment at birth – resembled some of mine. I was a “tomboy” throughout childhood and adolescence, and I would currently describe my gender as non-conforming.

In December 2013 I graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. My doctoral thesis, titled “It’s a... does it matter?” Theorising “boy or girl” binary classifications, intersexuality and medical practice in New Zealand, investigates this with a specific New Zealand focus, and can be accessed online at 

I am a PSA delegate and national co-convenor at the NZ Transport Agency, and since December 2014 I’ve been a Board member of Intersex Trust Aotearoa New Zealand). I am very passionate about the work of the PSA, and am proud to be part of the Out@PSA Committee.