PSA Youth

PSAY is a network that aims to build union organisation amongst workers aged 35 and under.

All PSA members aged 35 and under are automatically part of the PSA Youth network, recieving regular updates and able to attend PSA Youth events.


PSAY convenors

National Co-convenor: Megan Barry
National Co-convenor: Daniel Freeman-McGrath
Auckland Convenor: Tatiana Daniels
North Island Regional Convenor: Malavai P-Misikei
Wellington Convenor: Sophia Grey
Christchurch Convenor: Mohamed Abdi
South Island Regional Convenor: Jacqueline Atkinson 

Consisting of over 12,000 members and growing, PSA Youth is the largest of the PSA's networks. We run regular leadership training, host local events and make sure that the youth voice is represented at all levels of the PSA's structure. Getting involved with PSAY is the easiest way to step up your union involvement and meet other awesome young working New Zealanders.

Overall Goals

  • Increase youth participation and engagement in the PSA and the structures of the union and the workplace 
  • Support the sustainability of unions in New Zealand by helping to modernise the union movement


  • Grow youth membership of the PSA 
  • Grow and increase participation in the PSAY network and wider PSA structures 
  • Build young leaders within the network, workplaces and our Union 
  • Inform and educate members about youth issues 
  • Influence policy, practice and public opinion on issues important to our young members 
  • Influence policy and practice of the PSA and other unions
convenor team

Back row: ex-convenor Mahesh Khupse, Mohamed Abdi, Megan Barry, Daniel Freeman-McGrath, Jacqueline Atkinson.
Front row: ex-convenors Liam Russell, Andrei Gilbert

PSAY new convenorsAuckland Convenor Tatiana Daniels, Wellington Convenor Sophia Grey, North Island Regional Convenor Malavai P-Misikei

Join the movement!

We are on Twitter and on Facebook.

We have strong links with Stand Up, New Zealand’s youth union movement.

Find out more about Stand Up on Facebook.

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