PSA Youth

PSAY is a network that aims to build union organisation amongst workers aged 35 and under.

All PSA members aged 35 and under are automatically part of the PSA Youth network, recieving regular updates and able to attend PSA Youth events.


PSAY convenors

National Co-convenor: Megan Barry
National Co-convenor: Gabe Paikea
Auckland Convenor: Hine-A-Rangi Savieti
North Island Provincial Co-convenor: Pammy Thompson

North Island Provincial Co-convenor: Jetti Walker

Wellington Convenor: Ulualo Mareko
Christchurch Convenor: Heidi Becker
South Island Provincial Convenor: Shannon Macmillan 

Consisting of over 12,000 members and growing, PSA Youth is the largest of the PSA's networks. We run regular leadership training, host local events and make sure that the youth voice is represented at all levels of the PSA's structure. Getting involved with PSAY is the easiest way to step up your union involvement and meet other awesome young working New Zealanders.

PSAY Congress2020

PSAY Delegates at Congress 2020

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Heidi Becker

Ulualofaiga Mareko

Linsey Higgins

Shannon MacMillan

Pammy thompson

Gabriel Paikea

Jetti Walker

Hine-A-Rangi Savieti

Megan Barry


I loved the stickers that we had on our nametags, it was big hit and it was so good to see FOMO from other members. It was a challenging and emotional first Congress for me, with some very passionate people speaking to notices of motion. I feel it has helped prepare me for planning PSAY Hui 2021 and given me an awareness of what we need to include.


This was a challenging Congress for me due to the number of meaningful notices of motions that people felt strongly about. I found it hard being a PSAY convenor and an Executive Board member. My role on the Board limited my ability to comment on motions that I felt very passionate about.


Congress 2020, what an event! I was nervous about attending and ensuring I done the best I could to represent our Youth Network. Thankfully, we had the Congress101 from the PSAY team in the build up to Congress to help me better prepare for the occasion.

Highlights would have been being able to see old friends and meeting new friends. Being able to network and discuss others views on the remits and decisions which needed to be made. Understanding how the union is doing across all sectors and financially, while getting a slight insight in to where the union is heading in the future.

The pressure was on when it came to voting for remits and presidential candidates, knowing our choices would impact not only us in the room, but the many, many other members who were unable to attend congress.

The learnings which I took away was, regardless of who your employer is, we all have issues which need addressing through the union and in most cases the fix for 1 place may not be the same fix which will help another organisation, although the issues are the same. But it is not to say that we can’t work together to support and share ideas, come together and overcome the challenges. 


This year was my very first Congress. I was quite nervous and not knowing what to expect. But PSAY’s Congress 101 really helped me feel more at ease. It was an amazing experience and I learnt so much about PSA, and the other organisations that PSA covers. I made so many new friends starting from the plane ride down. I sat at a table with people from different organisations but were in the same sector and it was so wonderful learning about them, where they come from, not only for their workplaces and place in PSA, but them as individuals. 


What an amazing experience it was to see such a high number of our young people present at Congress. Seeing and hearing the amount of times our Young people were advocated for both in the mainstream and Te Rūnanga o Ngā Toa Awhina space tells me our PSA Membership have heard the message PSAY Convenors before us advocated for in 2018.

To also see the Pacific Representatives and Vā Moana Delegate roles as well as the Eco Network also passed at Congress was also a highlight being another avenue our Young people can take to sit in these Leadership roles to contribute to making a difference and building or future proofing our Union. Sitting with our PSAY contingent and listening to the talanoa/korero that was occurring between both Network tables is also something that I’m looking forward to engaging to connect the work we are doing in our varied spaces to achieve the desired outcome. Nothing is sweeter than unionists strategically planning on how to stand in solidarity.

My encouragement to any of our young people whom are wanting to experience this is to think about standing to be a delegate in the upcoming Elections in 2021 as it is a pathway to develop your skills which can assist you in your substantive and assist in climbing the ladder.


It is one thing as a delegate or convenor to represent and stand up for your members day to day, and quite another to be at Congress and feel the full mana of the union movement around you. Each and every person at Congress is there not just as an individual, but a leader of people. It felt like being at the marae with your extended whānau. You disagree with some folk; some of them seem outright wrong and some speak as though directly from your mouth.

One of the things that stood out particularly for me was the presence of Sign Language interpreters for our comrades in the Deaf and Disabled network. Another highlight was in being present to witness the victories of the Pasefika Network. 


Congress 2020 was a journey, as it was my first time, I was nervous and excited on what was to come however thanks to PSAY congress 101 I felt like I had a grasp of what to expect. 

Congress started off well, I met a lot of new people within the PSA from across all the sectors and networks particularly the CPS sector and Pasefika Network. The first day of discussion and notices of motion set the tone for how intense the week was going to be. Some important decisions were made during the week, which emphasised the importance of our vote and who we were representing at the congress. Throughout the week I enjoyed being able to talk to delegates, convenors, and organisers about their opinion's motions and their experiences within the union. I feel that I have learnt a few things that will help me as a delegate.

Finally, the hospitality was top notch, there were pacific songs, karakia and waiata throughout the congress and mouth-watering food served up for breakfast, morning tea, lunch afternoon tea and dinner. I loved being at congress, I've felt more connected to the union. I return to my workplace with a deeper understanding and appreciation of what happens in the union and a bunch of new connections. 


Congress is really an inspirational event, and it was such an honour and privilege to attend this year. It is such an amazing experience having so many different people from right across the public service, not to mention it was such a diverse group of people attending, and a great turn out of young people from across the public service! It was great that we were able to have relevant ministers attend and have the Prime minister attend as well! The conversations and discussions were equally diverse and covered a range of topics, which I believe is healthy for democracy but also learning and growth. It’s such a privilege to be part of such an inclusive, democratic and progressive union.


This last congress was my second one attending. Both times I was lucky enough to be selected as part of the local government delegation. The local government crew are a really supportive, enthusiastic and welcoming bunch. Very supportive of anything youth focused which is awesome and helps us PSAY peeps a lot!

This time round, I didn’t have the pressure of introducing a motion, so I was hoping that it was going to be more relaxed, but boy was I wrong! I really enjoyed the debate from the floor, seeing some key groups get their motions passed. We were lucky enough to be treated to some amazing speakers and to be honest I was in awe the whole time the prime minister spoke so that part was a bit of a blur.

The best part of the whole experience is connecting with other delegates from across the entire organisation, that work in completely different fields, young or old and we all come together because of our shared passion to make working lives better for everyone. The hype and the energy is great to feed off, take back and share the experiences with others.

All in all, is the connections that you make that are the best part of the whole experience. 

Overall Goals

  • Increase youth participation and engagement in the PSA and the structures of the union and the workplace 
  • Support the sustainability of unions in New Zealand by helping to modernise the union movement


  • Grow youth membership of the PSA 
  • Grow and increase participation in the PSAY network and wider PSA structures 
  • Build young leaders within the network, workplaces and our Union 
  • Inform and educate members about youth issues 
  • Influence policy, practice and public opinion on issues important to our young members 
  • Influence policy and practice of the PSA and other unions

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