Science Committee

The PSA National Science Committee (NSC) supports a commitment to a greater investment in research and development and evidence-based policy and decision-making. We work with government to progress initiatives that will benefit PSA members in the NSC member organisations.

The National Science Committee (NSC) meets regularly to discuss issues surrounding science, research and innovation.

Our Goals

The NSC will build union organisation within our membership by engaging with the science industry, science enterprises and in the workplace to effectively influence the science sector so that:

  • Government understands scientific processes and values the contribution of science, whether pure or applied, to society’s well-being.
  • Science careers are fulfilling, productive and satisfying, with improved terms and conditions across member organisations.
  • Member organisations connect and operate collectively and support each other.
  • Common terms and conditions make it straightforward to move between member organisations.
  • Organisational structures are developed that allow member organisations to focus on delivering high-quality science.
  • The science funding system supports those aspirations.
  • Partnership or relationship agreements are established and implemented at industry and enterprise level.
NSC Committee Chair:
Grant Rennie
NSC PSA organiser:
Susannah Bailey
Mark Andersen Plant & Food,
Elise Arnst Manaaki Whenua-Landcare Research,
Graham Coker Scion,
Eleanor Howick Callaghan Innovation,
Adam Martin GNS Science,
Scott Nodder NIWA,
Paula Scholes ESR,
  • NSC Strategy Document (Coming soon)
  • NSC Constitution (Coming soon)
  • Te Pae Kahurangi report (Coming soon)