Community Public Services

Every day you make a difference to those people you support - today is the day to make a difference for you.

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CPS Logo CopyThe Community Public Services (CPS) sector covers people working in:

  • disability
  • mental health and addictions
  • home support
  • social services, and
  • aid and development organisations

So if you work in community home support, disability support, mental health and addictions and wider social services, and social change organisations - then PSA is the union for you.

Successful Campaigning in CPS

Union members in community public services together have won the Equal Pay settlement for support workers in the community working in home support, mental health and addictions, and disability support. PSA members also achieved the in-between travel settlement including guaranteed hours, building on our campaign for workers being paid the minimum wage for sleeping overnight in clients’ homes. During the Covid crisis, our members fought hard to get PPE.

Keep an eye out for upcoming activity in our Let's Bring This Home campaign for home support workers.

Our next focus will be on our equal pay claim for the social services sector. 

The union is also there for you in the case an issue arises between you and your employer - we’ll be in your corner representing you and providing employment advice. Contact us to find out more, or join one of our CPS Facebook Groups to participate in discussions with members and delegates. See the tab below for Facebook groups. 

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Join us - for a better working life


PSA members are proud to have successfully lobbied for many recent developments in CPS, including: 

  • Winning guaranteed hours for home support workers

  • Settlement of the ‘in between travel case’, ensuring home and community support workers are paid for the time spent traveling between clients’ houses

  • Winning a ground-breaking equal pay settlement for care and support workers

  • Successfully extending the equal pay settlement to cover mental health and addiction support workers

  • Winning the “Sleepover Case” to have the time recognised as work and paid at the minimum adult wage 

These achievements were only possible thanks to the collective efforts of our union members, delegates, and organisers.


By becoming a PSA Union member you will be entitled to many member benefits, including amazing rates on our PSA holiday homes. 

Member Networks

You can also connect with members with similar interests through our networks, as well as connecting wit the PSA through our Facebook page and Facebook groups.

f logo RGB Hex Blue 512PSA Home Support Workers Group for home support workers 

PSA Disability Support Members for members working in disability support services

PSA Community Mental Health and Addiction for members working in community mental health or addiction services

PSA Healthcare NZ Care Managers, Coordinators, & Admin for care mangers, coordinators and admin workers at Healthcare NZ

News from the PSA. You did it! Mental health and addiction support workers are Worth 100%

You did it! Mental health and addiction support workers are Worth 100%

Around 5000 workers will be paid what they’re worth, after the ground-breaking care and support settlement was extended to cover them.

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News from the PSA. Historic Equal Pay settlement set to change lives

Historic Equal Pay settlement set to change lives

Yesterday afternoon, just up the road from parliament, workers from aged care, disability and support sectors gathered to hear the government's announcement of their new pay rates.

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News from the PSA. Behind the Scenes: Becoming a Delegate

Behind the Scenes: Becoming a Delegate

In our workplaces, if members are our lifeblood, then delegates are the beating heart that keep the PSA alive.

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What's In a Bargain?

Over half of our members will be in organisations that are involved with collective bargaining in the foreseeable future.

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News from the PSA. Facts of the matter: collective benefits

Facts of the matter: collective benefits

It is widely acknowledged internationally that collective employment agreements give better pay increases than individual agreements for most employees.

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