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The PSA is a major health union with over 15,000 members employed by district health boards. Union members are the bedrock of our public health services.

The PSA in health

The PSA is organising for good and rewarding careers that reflect the value we place on public health services and the people who provide them.

The DHB sector has its own national committee and a seat on the PSA Executive Board. This ensures your sector has a voice at all levels of PSA decision-making.

You can meet the members of the committee here.

Update as at: March 2021

Pay Equity Claims

After a period of downtime over the Xmas and New Year period current claims are ongoing as they work through the pay equity process phases. There are three main phases: Raising the claim, Accessing the Claim and Settling the claim. 

  • DHB Admin Clerical – Settling the Claim phase. Endorsement of proposed equal pay rates for role profiles and agreement to proceed with the next steps to finalise a settlement proposal for ratification. This now involves mapping of admin clerical roles across all the DHBs to the equal pay job profiles.
  • DHB Mental Health and Public Health Nursing – Assessment Phase. Identification of claimant roles, discussion of comparator roles
  • DHB Allied, Public Health, and Technical – Assessment Phase. Union consolidation process agreement. Development of joint workplan. Identification of claimant roles and interviews


Bargaining Updates

Admin & Clerical  - Bargaining

The 4 regional admin clerical MECAs expire at different times over the year but we will be seeking to negotiate standard national  terms and conditions consistent now a pay equity settlement is in sight.

Allied Public Health & Technical - Bargaining

Restarting bargaining  in 2021 has not been without barriers, with a number of bargaining dates being postponed due to Covid. 

Our last days of bargaining 8th and 9th March had to be moved to zoom meetings due to the uncertainty of when Aucklands covid levels would change. We are getting more and more used to needing to devise ‘Plan B’ to keep moving.

We have discussed and are progressing the important bargaining issues raised by PSA members across the APHT MECA’s that cover all 20 DHB’s.

Our next bargaining dates are on the 29th and 30th of March. We are hoping the employer representatives will either provide us with a formal offer or with a clear position from them that we can share with you. Between now and our next bargaining dates your bargaining team will be working on our position based on discussions to date so that we are in a good position when we next meet.  

Mental and Public Health Nursing  - Bargaining

Your bargaining team has now met with the employer representatives for a total of 6 days over the last few months, and were due to meet again on 11 and 12 February. This unfortunately had to be deferred due to Auckland returning to Level 3 lockdown.

With our February dates having to be cancelled, we have had a team Zoom and a Zoom meeting with the DHB bargaining advocates to plan next steps from here. The DHB bargaining team advocates have indicated they may be in a position to make offers on money-related matters at our next meeting. We are meeting again (with the usual Covid-19 caveats aside) on 11 and 12 March, and will be back in touch after those dates. We will also be continuing our discussions around important bargaining issues, such as workload and health and safety.

Ngā Pou Mana - Tangata Whenua Allied Health

Ngā Pou Mana define Tangata Whenua Allied Health as "the broad range of therapies, rongoā, scientific and technical workforce, researchers, teachers and students - both regulated, self-regulated, non-regulated, legislated and emerging workforces, and those that have a mātauranga Māori or kaupapa Māori foundational approach to hauora."

Ngā Pou Mana currently recognise over 60 different roles that can register for membership as a Tangata Whenua Allied Health Member.  For more details to see if you are eligible check out our list here.

If you think your profession or role should be added to the allied health list, please contact us at admin@ngapoumana.org.nz

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Leading for Wellbeing Webinar Series

The wellbeing of our Aotearoa New Zealand health system starts with the oranga (wellbeing) of our tāngata (people).
Kāhui Oranga, a collaborative health sector group, is committed to employee wellbeing in the health sector. We invite you to view the webinar series, ‘Leading for Wellbeing’, which explores aspects of leadership with some of our leaders, and resources you may find helpful.


News from the PSA. We all care we all count- messages of support for Admin/Clerical in the DHB's

We all care we all count- messages of support for Admin/Clerical in the DHB's

As the DHB Clerical and administration (admin) members head into there first ever national stop work meeting we will sharing messages of support to show that we all care we all count.

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Latest media releases from the PSA. Nationwide stop work meeting called for DHB Administration workers
Media Releases

Nationwide stop work meeting called for DHB Administration workers

PSA union members who work in vital administration and clerical roles at all 20 DHBs around New Zealand will be attending stop work meetings for two hours on Monday 11 February.

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News from the PSA. Equal Pay Christmas carols in the park

Equal Pay Christmas carols in the park

DHB administration workers and equal pay advocates from around New Zealand entertained the public at Wellington's Midland Park at lunchtime today with a specially crafted set of Equal Pay Christmas carols.

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Media Releases

Mental health and public health nurses to vote on pay offer

Around 3500 DHB mental health nurses, public health nurses, and mental health support workers are preparing to vote on a new pay offer this month.

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Media Releases

PSA to Government: Budget shows promise but more courage needed

The Labour-led Government’s first Budget shows promise, the PSA says - but there are still many in the public and community service who will wonder when their turn is coming.

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Media Releases

“Think beyond Band-Aids”, PSA urges Government

The Labour-led Government must urgently relax its Budget Responsibility Rules to tackle the $2.7 billion hole in the health budget, the PSA says.

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