Delegates Only

This page is where delegates can find all the materials they need to organise members.

April 8th Strike

We will be busing members from around the region to Auckland Hospital for the biggest rally of health workers ever!  This will be huge but we need to carefully plan for success.

What is involved with making this a success?

Delegates and activists met on the 10th March to finalise the draft plan.  It can be found here.  Organisers will be meeting with you soon to talk about what you need to do on your site to organise your members. 

How will members get there?

Members will be transported to and from Auckland Hospital by bus or van.  The sites and number of buses or vans leaving from those sites can be found here.  We are unsure if we need all these buses and vans.  We need delegates to start getting commitments from members about who is getting on the bus!  Please use this form and start collecting the names.  Departure times to and from the rally will be added soon.  Organisers will be following up with you quickly as we only have a short time in which to confirm the numbers coming.

Strike planning

We will be notifying the strikes soon so information will be out before that explaining your rights.  Just remember, if in doubt, DON'T SIGN A THING!