Factsheet (for members)

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DHBs want cuts

Their new offer is worse than before

  • It's worse than an offer which an overwhelming majority of members already rejected.
  • They’re delaying your first pay rise by seven months (two more than before).

Make Mon - Fri staff work weekends

  • The DHBs want to move five day services to seven and can’t afford extra staff.
  • Weekend rates are there to protects Mon - Fri staff.

Cut pay for new staff

  • It’s unsafe and unfair.
  • Reducing pay when we have difficulties recruiting in some services will increase workloads and put patient & public health at risk.

 Put weekend workers pay at risk

  • “Grandparenting” T2 weekend rates for existing staff won’t protect you from losing weekend hours to cheaper T1.5 staff.
  • You’ll lose your T2 if you change DHBs.

 Increase workloads

  • They want to stretch five day services across seven without any guarantee of additional staff. We aren’t even funded for five days and are already overworked.
  • Because of the Clerical Cap it’s impossible for DHBs to employ extra clerical support.
  • Won’t guarantee genuine engagement around the transition.

We want care

We doubled our offer for saving to $2.1m

  • This would fund research into a safe move to seven day services.

Safe workloads

  • For staff and patients.
  • We aren't even staffed for five days, let alone seven.
  • Stretching us more will lead to exhaustion.

Income security

  • Staff and our families can't afford pay cuts.
  • Auckland expensive as it is.

Equality and fairness

  • Same job, same pay. It's not fair for new staff to be paid less.
  • Weekend work disrupts families.
  • Where we have to work weekends it should be paid fairly.


  • Genuine engagement over the move to seven day services.

A symptom of $1.7b Govt health cuts

We’re already overworked

  • We’re missing breaks, working longer, busier hours, often for free.

Patients are already missing out

  • There aren't enough staff or services.

Cutting pay won’t fix underfunding

If we don't speak up for patients, who will?

  • The public don’t know DHBs are underfunded or why they’re missing out.

Strike action won our only gains

Strike action won us our first formal offer

  • After eight months we got our first formal offer after taking strike action.

Strikes are empowering

  • Strike numbers far exceeded our expectations.
  • It’s built unity in departments and between occupations.
  • Many have found it fun

DHBs are constantly trying to undermine staff

  • They say we’ve never raised workload issues. We started in 2010!
  • DHBs say the union is misleading staff and it’s members, despite having a clear mandate from members.
  • In a recent press release they’ve misled members into thinking we’ll recommend this offer.

We have no choice but to take action

  • We'll lose more money, workload and patient risk will increase if we do nothing.
  • We've done everything to avoid action.
  • We worked closely with DHBs to maintain life preserving services.

We have a legal right to strike

  • You can’t be fired, disciplined or discriminated against.

More info: psa.org.nz/allied

- Last updated 2015-12-04.