• The goal is to convey a message.
  • The message is read by drivers, on facebook (from photos/videos) and on the media.
  • Stick to key messages and themes. Too many dilutes our message.
  • "Toot 4 Support" signs are the most important.
  • Keep your message simple. Five words or less.
  • Be pro-patient.
  • Try to be positive.
  • Talk about cuts, not “weekend rates”.
  • Hand written is best and give a personal touch.
  • Funny placards are the most memorable.


  • Toot 4 Support
  • #Not Safe Not Fair
  • Fully funded 7-day services
  • No cuts 4 new staff
  • We ♥ patients
  • We ♥ public health
  • Care 4 Carers
  • Tired carers make mistakes
  • Underfunded, overworked
  • Under funded, under valued
  • Your blood, my sweat, our tears
  • Tired health workers make mistakes

Send your ideas to or txt 027 526 8704.