How to run an awesome picket

Download as PDF.




1. Choose a visible site, time

Most possible toots best. Not too far from your work.


4. Prepare resources

Megaphone (check batteries), placards (see reverse), banners, attendance sheet (insert link), leaflets, noise-makers, stereo with good music.

2. Promote

Team mtgs. Poster. Facebook. Media only if designated.


3. Get commitment in person

Ask for yes/no even if on leave. Keep record. Follow-up.

5. Go to the action together

Strength in numbers. Start with strongest members 1st.




1. Brief everyone

Goal. How-2. Message. Roles. Who talk 2 Media/Police?


6. Manage the message

No bad signs. Chant if media film, but not interviews.

2. Actively get toots

They’re key & contagious. Jiggle, point at toot signs.


7. Take pictures, video

Group and individual photos/video with key placards.

3. Chant,speech,noise-repeat

No voice=bad picket! Speeches/noise gives you breaks.


8. Hand out leaflets

Stand each end of protest. Actively approach. Be polite.

4. Get everyone involved

Build confidence: delegate, rotate and lead by example.


9. Fill out attendance sheet

Identify new activists 4 next action. Supporters’ contacts

5. Be safe

Stay off road. U can block driveway, move if police ask.

10. Finish on a high

Group photo. Final chant. Collect picket gear or loose it!




1. Pack up

Take out megaphone batteries.


3. Write, share report + photos

Base on debrief. Share with organiser.

2. Debrief

Key activists. What worked? Learnings. Improvements?

4. Tell media

Only if you have authorisation.







When worker’s rights are under attack

Stand up, fight back

When patient’s rights are under attack

Stand up, fight back

The workers, united!

Will never be defeated!


What do we want?

A fair deal!

When do we want it?



When I say union, you say power!





When they say cut back!

We say fight back!

Cut back! Fight back!

Cut back! Fight back!

Cut, cut, cut back!

Fight, fight, fight back!


Key messages


Toot 4 Support


#Not Safe Not Fair


Fully funded 7-day services


No cuts 4 new staff


We ♥ patients


Tired carers make mistakes

Underfunded, overworked

Under funded, under valued


Keep it simple. 5 words or less. Positive, pro-patient. Talk about cuts, not “weekend rates”.