Reasons to protect weekend rates

Email us why you feel we should protect weekend rates.


Reducing weekend rates will affect everyone

The three Auckland DHBs want to move to seven-day services across hospitals using existing staff/budget. You could be working weekends soon.


DHB’s rejected a PSA offer with better savings

The PSA offered $300,000 in savings by delaying member’s pay-rise by a further two months. It will take a while before enough staff leave and DHBs save money with cheaper new staff.


“Grand-parenting” won’t protect double-time

Grand-parenting only protects the right to double time if you still get weekend work. It won’t protect what days you work. It makes economic sense to offer weekend work to cheaper staff.


Reducing weekend rates will increase pay-gap with Nursing

In seven day services on T1.5 there will be a pay gap with Nursing between $1,000 - $7,000. That’s   $5,000 - $7,000 gap in community services and $1,000  $3,000 in non-community services.


It will take years for the DHBs to make any savings

 They’ll only make savings as people leave and new staff start, which won’t happen all at once.          The union’s offer of delaying an increase by another three months will save the employer $300,000 which can be put into service improvements straight away.


Think-long term: mortgages are for 25-30 years

Not only will it be harder for new staff to get a mortgage earning less money, but existing staff who rely on weekend rates (which aren’t guaranteed) and no longer get weekend work, will have a problem.


Previous arrangements for other union members when their weekend rates were removed

When previously weekend rates have been reduced to T1.5 base rate pay have been increased to compensate for the loss of weekend rates. Future PSA members aren’t being offered any compensation.


Grand parenting weekend rates creates unfairness 

Staff working next to each other will earn different rates simply because of when they happened to work for the DHB.  Grand parented staff earn T2 while new staff T1.5. This will also create a situation where PSA members will be paid T1.5 for working weekends beside employees covered by other agreements who will continue to earn T2.


Weekend rates help with higher Auckland costs

PSA members in Auckland are the only staff who still have weekend double-time. Regardless of historical reasons for it remaining, it helps cover our higher Auckland costs. New staff without double-time will struggle to buy a home.  


The DHB doesn’t have resources to employ additional staff, even with reduced weekend rates

The employer says “double-time weekend rate” is a barrier to introducing 7-day services. Yet the employer hasn’t got any extra funding. Where will they get money to pay even T1.5 or find the extra staff to cover weekend work.


Removing weekend rates will exacerbate recruitment and retention, harming patients

Even with double-time, is pushing some Auckland staff into the regions where housing is cheaper.


DHB’s have never raise the removal of weekend rates before

DHB’s always ask us to discuss issues locally before raising them in bargaining. DHBs have never raised this matter with us before but refuse to discuss it locally first. They rejected an offer to have local discussions in services where DHBs were genuinely looking at introducing seven days.


DHB's rejected our offer to run trials

Rather than make widespread changes to group who might not be effected immediately, we offered to  engage with the DHBs to identify barriers to the introduction of weekend services where they currently do not exist and to address them. We have offered to also run trials and if our member agree in  the particular workplace suspend some of the MECA conditions.