Get active

Our union is only as strong as our members. Once you’ve joined us, there are many ways to get involved. It’s fun and you get to meet a lot of new and inspiring people.

If you’d like to get more involved, please contact us.

Become a contact

Good communication between the PSA and members, and between members is essential. You can be a contact for a workplace or an occupation.

Join an action committee

During bargaining and campaigns we need active members to help us with bargaining. This includes knowledge on a particular issue or helping getting petitions signed.

Get involved in a project

We’re involved in a number of short and long-term projects and reviews with the DHB, i.e. CASP, reviewing occupation pay scales, workload etc.

Join or start a network

Networks provide a forum to discuss particular interests or organise around a specific issue, i.e. Maori, women, youth, pasefika, LGBT, eco etc.

Become a health and safety rep

Ensure your colleagues and workplace are safe and healthy.

Become a delegate / workplace representative

Ensure collective problems are resolved in your department or occupation and represent your colleagues with workplace issues.

Become a convenor

Convenors are delegates who co-ordinate a group of delegates in a department, service group, occupation or project (sometimes a member).