COVID-19: Local Government

Information for members working in Local Government during COVID-19

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Return to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


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 22 April Auckland Council  Covid19 Update, Annual Leave & Time In Lieu 
 18 March  All Local Government  Member Update: Coronavirus

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It is our expectation that all members working in local government will be paid sick, domestic or special leave (as relevant) in the case that they are are ill, required to self isolate, or required to care for dependants that are ill or required to self-isolate.

We have been advocating for this with your employers and are contacting employers to make clear our expectations of their support for you. We will continue to work to ensure that our members are supported and not disadvantaged in the case that a member catches the virus and/or is required to self-isolate. 

If you encounter any problems, please be in touch.

We have also been provided with updates from selected enterprises. See below for enterprise-specific updates.

Auckland Council
  • What is our approach if someone is required to self-isolate?
    • If possible, and they are not sick, they should work from home (even if this involves undertaking slightly different duties). Guidance of what you need to do is on Kotahi.
    • If they’re actually sick, they should use sick leave and not work.
    • If they’re not sick, but can’t work, we will pay them discretionary leave for the specified period.
  • If an employee has to stay home to care for a vulnerable relative or schools closing:
    • If possible, and they are well, they should be working from home (even doing slightly different duties).
    • If the children, dependent relative or the employee are actually sick, the employee should use sick leave and not work.
    • Once sick leave is used up, and the employee cannot return to work or work from home, then they should be granted paid discretionary leave.
Christchurch City Council
  • Travel
    • Work-related international travel is not permitted until further notice
    • For the safety of our staff, all non-essential domestic work travel has been deferred indefinitely unless approved by your General Manager, and we will make more use of video or phone conferencing.
    • We urge you to consider carefully any private international travel. If you want to travel internationally for personal reasons you must have sufficient leave to cover the period of your holiday, and the mandatory 14 days self-isolation on your return. If you don’t have enough annual leave to cover your trip and self-isolation, you must put in a request to take leave without pay. This includes the additional leave now required for international travel that is already booked.
  • Working from home
    • The facility you work from is closed at the direction of the Chief Executive
      • If you are well, you will be expected to work from home or another Council location. If there is no work required of you, you will still be paid.
    • You are self-isolating following the direction of the Ministry of Health
      • If you are unwell, you will be paid sick leave. When you run out of sick leave, discretionary leave could be approved by your Head of Unit.
      • If you are feeling well, and you can work from home, you will be paid as normal.
      • If you can’t work from home due to the nature of services you provide, discretionary leave could be approved by your Head of Unit.
    • You can’t work from home due to being unable to connect to the Council’s IT system
      • The Council will arrange remote access if you are in a role deemed “essential”. More information will come on essential roles.
    • We appreciate there may be some staff with medical issues who may wish to self-isolate
      • These staff should provide a medical certificate and will then be able to self-isolate and work from home. If you are unable to work from home you will be paid sick leave. When sick leave runs out, discretionary leave could be approved by your Head of Unit.