Libraries Panel

The PSA Libraries panel acts as an advisory group and reports to sector committees

The Libraries Panel is an informal representative network of people working in libraries across the PSA.  It was established by agreement of the PSA Executive Board in late 2016 and comprises 11 regional delegates representing council library staff and 2 representatives from the National Library. 

The panel acts as an advisory group and reports to sector committees. It has a number of roles including:

  • Promoting the professionalisation of library staff;
  • Consolidating and growing PSA membership amongst library staff;
  • Identifying and articulating the skills that library staff bring to the community;
  • Providing a national oversight of change management within libraries and supporting local organisers and delegates to make submissions to change management processes;
  • Assisting in the lobbying of local and central decision-makers;
  • Building a relationship with the Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa (LIANZA) and other stakeholders;
  • Developing a coherent and unified PSA approach to the future of libraries;
  • Advising and contributing to the PSA’s work on equal pay for library staff;

Panel members meet face-to-face once a year and hold regular video-conferences throughout the year. 

The names and contact details of current members are detailed below:

Suzie Moore, Auckland Libraries (Convenor)–

Stuart Hubbard, Palmerston North City Library –

Eleanor Haggerty-Drummond, Wellington City Libraries –

Vicky Hawkey, Nelson Library –

Lisa Sanger, Christchurch City Libraries –

Olga Hemmingsen, Dunedin City Library –

Catherine Davidson, Auckland City Council - 

Leasa Fitzgerald-Leslie, Wellington City Council -

Jess Dinnington, Hamilton City Council -