Keith Gutsell

My early days were spent in the Royal New Zealand navy, culminating in a protest trip to Mururoa Atoll, where my senses of injustice must have been honed.

I have been a member of the PSA since I started work for the Department of Agriculture as a Meat Inspector 30 years ago. Day two saw me elected as a workplace delegate and I have been a delegate ever since.

My involvement has ranged from workplace delegate to a number of years on the PSA board culminating in a stint as the president of the PSA.

I encourage all PSA members to take part in the democratic structures of our union so that the union can be of the members – rather than for the members.  A good place to start is of course as a workplace delegate just to get the feel of what it is like at the workface and to gain a sense of what our members need and want.

Outside of work I am involved in four wheel driving and enjoy traveling – something my wife Valerie and I intend to do more of in the coming years.

My contact details are listed here so that anyone who needs to have a talk, get some advice or just someone to share a problem with, can get immediate access.