Pam Jemmett

My current employment is with the University of Otago as Department Manager - Sociology, Gender & Social Work. I’ve been a Workplace Delegate, since 1991.

My first experience as a national delegate was initially as a representative to the National Tertiary Committee which was a bit scary for someone whose union experience to date had been limited to local activities.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and wanted to become more involved at national levels.

I enjoy being involved in union work and am passionate about making sure members have good pay, good working conditions and career opportunities.  I am keen to see the further development of the Women’s Network and want to see as many PSA women as possible linked in.  I look forward to the continued work in bridging the “gender” pay gap.  

I want to ensure we continue to advocate for the issues members face in the sector, and to assist in the development of good policy for the union.  One of my priorities for the sector is in getting good communication between members of the committee, between the committee and their respective delegate constituencies, and between the committee and the executive board.