Delegate Achievement Awards

The PSA has two awards to recognise outstanding contributions by delegates. They are the workplace equivalent of our Life Membership award, so is not to be given out lightly or frequently.

The Delegate Achievement award is open to all Delegates, and is awarded for exemplary leadership and work above and beyond what is expected.

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Delegate Achievement Awards

Delegates are workplace leaders. This award is made to workplace or enterprise level delegates (individually or as a group) who have provided outstanding leadership above and beyond the expected duties of the role by, for example: 

  • demonstrating leadership during a difficult time
  • providing leadership leading to significant gains for members in the workplace or enterprise
  • building a union organisation from a low base or in a hostile environment
  • building and maintaining union membership from a low base or in a hostile environment. 

In judging whether these criteria have been met it must be clear that the nominee(s) have played the leading role in achieving them.

Nomination does not guarantee that the delegate will be accepted for the award, so detailed and specific evidence of their achievements, including supporting documentation, will help the sector committees make an informed decision.

To see an example of what is expected click here

Where you have an enterprise delegate committee in your organisation you should let them know and get them to endorse the nomination. In order to avoid disappointment you may want to be careful about letting delegates know they have been nominated.

The events or actions that have led to the nomination being made would normally have occurred in the two years prior to the date of nomination, unless there are exceptional circumstances.