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40 Hour Campaign FAQs

40 Hours Campaign Flowchart

40 Hour Campaign Comic - Just Do My 40 


40 Hour Campaign FAQs

How do I only do 40 hours and keep myself safe?

  • Identify the pieces of work that you aren’t able to complete in 40 hours each week
  • Discuss this with your manager and agree what work you will prioritise
  • Record the discussions you have
  • Clearly communicate unfinished work to your manager at the end of the 40 hour week – it’s best to follow this up with an email.
  • If you have problems working with your manager to help maintain a healthy 40 hour week, contact your delegate or local organiser.

I can’t finish my work in 40 hours and it feels wrong to leave work unfinished.

We understand that. In Community Corrections we have stayed in challenging roles because we care about the people we work with. However, the Department has taken advantage of our sense of professionalism and emotional connection to the work by declining to acknowledge the massive workloads we do.

Leaving work unfinished will mean that some things slip through the cracks, but at PSA we believe this is necessary for members to achieve lasting change with regard to their workloads.

This campaign seems like illegal industrial action.

You’re right. We can’t take industrial action such as 'work to rule' outside of bargaining. To keep our members safe we checked this campaign with the Department who agreed to support the message. The Chief Executive said that she expects staff to be working just 40 hours per week and that the Department expects staff to help manage this.

This campaign is the PSA’s way of supporting members to manage excessive workloads, despite pressure to 'just do it.'

Even if I decline work it remains allocated to me. My name will always be on work that doesn’t get done and I’ll get in trouble.

We have raised this with the Chief Probation Officer and while there isn’t an immediate solution, he has advised that if you have declined the work and discussed it with your manager, it’s expected that your manager will reallocate it. At the very least you won’t be held responsible for it not being completed.

But make sure you communicate clearly with your manager about your workload. Follow up discussions with emails and involve your delegate if you need more support.

My manager said that as an experienced PO I’m expected to accept higher allocation of work than others... and if I can’t complete it that’s a time management issue?

This happens to a lot of people when they raise their workloads as an issue, experienced or not. It’s the reason we have had so much creep on the additional duties assigned to us in Community Corrections.

Stand firm. It’s not your time management issue. It is a nation-wide health and safety issue that PSA have raised repeatedly and the Department have not yet resolved.


If you need more support contact your delegate or local organiser. 

For additional information email us HERE

If you have any further questions about the 40 Hour campaign? Email Stevie Hallett 

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40 Hour Campaign Flowchart

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40 Hours Flowchart

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40 Hour Campaign Comic - Just Do My 40

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