Customs Service

PSA - the Customs union

Members update -

Auckland Border union / management relationship meeting - 27 July 2020

We attended this regular meeting today. Most of the meeting was focused on Covid19 Health and Safety and the ongoing changes to rosters and workforces to deal with the impact of Covid19 including the recent Maritime protection work.

If any members want to raise items for future discussion please let me know.

Combined unions / agencies Airport Border meeting - 24 July 2020

PSA union delegates from MPI, Customs and AvSec met with Airport management from the three different agencies today along with Health officials.

The purpose of the meeting was to set up a regular process so delegates can work together to -

  • understand the whole passenger arrival process from a Covid19 safety point of view
  • be able to be informed by all three agencies of any proposed significant changes (e.g. if the Border opens more)
  • have a place to raise major Covid19 related union issues

Maritime Border Order - 24 July 2020

For most of the staff responding to the Maritime Border Order work, current hours of work allowances in District Ports (outside of deployment ) were not designed to accommodate this level of activity.

Customs has therefore started initial discussions with the union about reviewing hour of work conditions and allowances for District Port staff. There will also be discussions about what shift patterns could look like at ports.

 Past highlights -

  • The fast and successful settlement of the Collective Agreement 2019 bargaining round.
  • The great combined union / management work on the Gender Pay Gap and other associated pay-equity issues.
  • The growth of members at the PSA Customs Union to 250 members.

Do you want to be involved?

Our focus as a union is to make a better workplace. We work on issues that matter to members. If you want to play a part talk to one of the national delegates –

  • Wendy Faulkner (CHC) who leads our engagement and Forum work
  • Sue Street (WLG) who is focused on our Gender Pay work
  • Mike Smith (CHC), long standing and experienced senior national delegate.

Or email the national organiser