The PSA Customs Union

Highlights / key events from the last 12 months -

  • The fast and successful settlement of the Collective Agreement 2019 bargaining round.
  • The great combined union / management work on the Gender Pay Gap and other associated pay-equity issues.
  • The growth of members at the PSA Customs Union to just under 250 members.
  • New delegates joining the team
  • The position we took on the Drugs and Alcohol policy

Future Priorities

  • Continued work on the Gender Pay Gap etc
  • Planning for the upcoming whole-of-Customs Rosters working group
  • Health and Safety in particular the mental and physical well-being of members
  • Progression and Career Development

Do you want to be involved?

Our focus as the Customs Union is to make a better workplace. To do to this we work on issues that matter to members. If you want to play a part in this talk to one of the national delegates –

  • Wendy Faulkner (CHC) who leads our engagement and Forum work
  • Sue Street (WLG) who is focused on our Gender Pay work
  • Mike Smith (CHC), long standing and experienced senior national delegate.

Or email the national organiser

We're working on the following issues -

Assistant Customs Officers

  • sick leave - we have raised our concern about genuine sick leave being used as a performance issue

Corporate staff

  • Whakakotahi re-organisation project