Fire and Emergency NZ

Welcome to our information page for FENZ members and access to information on what we are engaged and participating in.

Please take the time to review the documents and where possible feedback on them where necessary.


Poor performance process suite:

Consider formal warnings about poor performance procedure

Hold formal discussions about poor performance procedure

Initiate meeting about poor performance letter

Manage poor performance topic 

Performance improvement plan template_volunteers draft

Poor performance warning letter

Proposed formal performance improvement plan letter


Standards of conduct policy and Misconduct process suite:

Approve and issue draft investigation report procedure

Conduct investigation and present findings procedure

Consider response and make misconduct decision procedure

Consider suspension pending investigation procedure

Draft investigation report cover letter

Draft investigation report procedure

Draft investigation report template

Examples of fraudulent behaviour

Inform respondent of misconduct allegation procedure

Initiating disciplinary process letter 

Make initial misconduct procedure 

Report and investigate alleged misconduct topic

Standards of conduct policy

Warning letter


Other documents:

Changes to the way you view your payslip 

Employee Transition Protocol

PSA CEA 2018-2020

New Remuneration Policy


If you require assistance or help then feel free to contact one of the listed delegates or the National PSA organiser

National PSA Organiser

Keith McFadyen

PSA Organiser



National delegates committee

Liz Metsers        Co-convenor     Region 5

Bruce Irvine       Co-convenor     Region 4

Duncan Henry                                  NHQ

Britte Vitale                                       Region 3

Stu Law                                               Region 3

Christine McGinty                          Region 1

Alexis Lewgor                                   Region 2


Other PSA delegates

Craig Bain                                        Region 1             (Northland)

Rachel Perkins                               Region 5             (Dunedin)

Mark Hutton                                  Region 5             (Southland)

Rhonda McNicol                          Region 4             (Christchurch)

Gwenda Nicolle                            Region 3             (Whanganui)

Bob Palmer                                     Region 3             (Napier)