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Further Advice for Essential Workers

Here is a link to provide further advice and support for essential workers:

Essential workers may have reasons not to go to work

Some essential workers should or may wish to stay at home for reasons, including:

  • You are sick with COVID-19, or unwell generally.
  • You need to self-isolate, as per Ministry of Health guidelines, due to recent travel or close contact with someone confirmed to have COVID-19.
  • You are caring for dependents who need to self-isolate, as per Ministry of Health guidelines.
  • You, or someone you live with, meets the definition of a vulnerable person, including those who are 70+, pregnant, taking certain medication, or receiving certain treatment. These people are advised to stay home at Alert Level 2 or higher.
  • You do not believe your workplace has adequate health and safety measures to minimise your risk of contracting COVID-19.

Workers and employers should follow public health guidance and health and safety laws, work together pragmatically and deal with each other in good faith.

Essential Workers Survey

We sent out a survey to all members who have been identified by IR as an essential worker. We wanted to check in with our members to ensure they were satisfied with the steps being taken to ensure their health & safety when they are unable to work from home and must come into their offices.

Here is a brief overview of the results from our survey questions. Overall, there is positive feedback on the steps taken by IR to ensure members safety and there are positive responses about the level of support and information our members are getting from IR.

We will be doing more work on the survey results and will be focussing on areas and regions that need following up on individual concerns raised by members. 

  • Total members who were identified as an essential worker and sent survey is 972.
  • Total responses received is 529



Anyone who currently works or has ever worked for IRD via the Madison employment agency now has an opportunity to help change things for the better.

Four PSA Madison members have filed a legal case in the Employment Court seeking a determination their employer is Inland, not Madison.

They need your help. It’s time for more Madison workers to join the claim.

Our case relies on a section in the Employment Relations Act which provides that in determining issues about whether a person is an employee, it is the “real nature of the relationship” which matters. 

We argue IR controls Madison workers, and they are integrated into IR’s operation. The real nature of the relationship is such that IR is the employer, not Madison.

If the case is successful, the PSA will campaign for all Madison workers currently or previously employed by IR to receive the full rights and entitlements owed to them.

Madison workers will be covered by the PSA Collective Agreement with IR, both customer service officers and customer service administrators. This will mean improvements to pay, sick leave, overtime and meal allowances.

We’re also thinking longer term. If more Madison workers join, it strengthens our bargaining position down the road. By coming together in our union, everyone at IRD can work together to win a better deal and improve our working lives.

Please share this information with Madison workers near you, and if you are still in contact with former colleagues who were employed at IR via Madison, please make them aware they can join the employment case by completing the attached form.


To be part of the employment court claim, download and complete the form below and send to

Download here: Employment Court Claim form

Closed sites are: Gisborne, Rotorua, New Plymouth, Eagle Tech, Nelson, Timaru, Greymouth and Invercargill all other sites are open and Asteron is limited numbers.

CCS have prioritised work; Essential work has been identified as work where customers must be supported e.g. FAM payments, Child Support payments, Employers etc. (listed in Sharon/Cath’s email 25th March) This work can only be undertaken within an IR office.

Transactional staff in Te Rapa have been asked to work from the office as they are undertaking work identified as  Essential, and or in situations where staff have volunteered to work in the office as they are unable to work from home due to a range of circumstances.

Their voice skill set is needed to assist in managing Essential work, and this can only be done from an IR Office. We are focussing on Essential work, and have diverted capacity to assist in the management of this work, which means reduced focus on Debt work at this time.

Madison staff assigned to IR will focus on Essential work, and will continue to work in an IR office.

IR employees are undertaking training through Teams, if they are on high priority work, they would come into the office otherwise they will work from home on a device.

The Segments have confirmed the list of people who need to continue to work from an IR office to undertake Essential work. PSA will be sent the info by Friday 27 March 2020 of their members name, site and role.

Letters have been issued from Naomi to all required staff this afternoon (25/3/20)

There are no parking enforcements by Councils so staff should be able to park more easily. If Transport is an issue staff must talk to their leader in the first instance.

The wellbeing of the children is the first priority and staff should talk to their leaders in regard to their specific situation.  They may be able to do a few hours a day and that’s okay and if they can’t, that’s okay too, they will still continue to be paid special leave.

This information is to give a holistic view on what skills people have if they were needed for cross Government work at this time.  IR may have a discussion with staff who have the skills to come into the office, but this will be on a case by case basis.

General rule of thumb is normal working hours, however where this proves challenging on certain days talk to your leader.

There is no requirement for Medical certs or Doc certs to be supplied. IR will reiterate this to leaders. Please supply evidence if this continues. IR are operating on a high trust environment with their people.

People caring for anyone at home e.g. children, where alternative arrangements cannot be made, can stay home.  Staff need to talk to their leaders in the first instance.  If this is not the message you are hearing, please provide this in writing and escalate if needed.

The messaging is that sites will be cleaned twice a day and there will be on site leads encouraging staff to wash their hands in line with the MOH guidelines. IR will look at what more is being done and come back to us.

There is currently wider planning around credentialing people undertaking essential services being led by the New Zealand Police.  We are currently finalising a list of our people providing essential services and as an interim measure those staff will receive a letter from the Commissioner to provide to authorities as required.

There are some of our people that are delivering essential services that are either new to IR or there have been concerns raised regarding the quality of their work.  For these people, coaching and quality control work with their Team Leader will continue.  Wherever possible, this will be undertaken through teams or if face-to-face, observing physical distancing guidelines.  The quality of work needs to be maintained over this period.

No, all our people will continue to be paid their normal pay whether they are delivering work from home or on an IR site.  In reaching this decision we have taken into account our people's concerns as well as the expectations of the public and government in this time of unprecedented disruption to New Zealand society and the economy.