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Anyone who currently works or has ever worked for IRD via the Madison employment agency now has an opportunity to help change things for the better.

Four PSA Madison members have filed a legal case in the Employment Court seeking a determination their employer is Inland, not Madison.

They need your help. It’s time for more Madison workers to join the claim.

Our case relies on a section in the Employment Relations Act which provides that in determining issues about whether a person is an employee, it is the “real nature of the relationship” which matters. 

We argue IR controls Madison workers, and they are integrated into IR’s operation. The real nature of the relationship is such that IR is the employer, not Madison.

If the case is successful, the PSA will campaign for all Madison workers currently or previously employed by IR to receive the full rights and entitlements owed to them.

Madison workers will be covered by the PSA Collective Agreement with IR, both customer service officers and customer service administrators. This will mean improvements to pay, sick leave, overtime and meal allowances.

We’re also thinking longer term. If more Madison workers join, it strengthens our bargaining position down the road. By coming together in our union, everyone at IRD can work together to win a better deal and improve our working lives.

Please share this information with Madison workers near you, and if you are still in contact with former colleagues who were employed at IR via Madison, please make them aware they can join the employment case by completing the attached form.


To be part of the employment court claim, download and complete the form below and send to

Download here: Employment Court Claim form