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Kia ora, and welcome to the page for PSA members at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

This page is intended as a resource for members to find key documents related to PSAs work at MBIE.

MBIE are reserving network space for the incident team and essential services. BAU teams working from home are reminded not to use remote access services unless you have been given express approval.

See the table below for all MBIE newsletters on COVID-19:

Date Sent Subject Line
 26 March Connecting with MBIE during COVID-19
 20 March PSA MBIE Update
 05 February MBIE Corona Virus Update

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Click the links below to download PDF copies of non-COVID-19 member updates: (Listed in reverse chronological order)

Member Update 26 February - Memorandum of Understanding

Member Update 12&13 December - National Delegates Committee update to members

Member Update 18 December - Mahi Tahi: PSA & MBIE Working Together

A survey was sent to all MBIE members on 18 February 2020 asking for feedback to questions the Gender Pay Gap working party had previously used at their drop-in sessions. 

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Click here to download the MBIE Gender Pay Action Plan:

MVIE Gender Pay Action Plan