2018 Industrial Action in Review

The Where's The Justice? bargaining campaign of 2018 was huge. Below are some of the highlights and the results of the review of our bargaining and industrial action.

Bargaining began in May 2018 and aimed to improve how members got paid and make sure they were properly valued for the work that they did.  Bargaining had broken down by September and members voted to take industrial action.  The following two months involved nationwide strikes, multiple lightning strikes, and increasingly disruptive work-to-rules.

A deal was reached in mediation on Thursday 29 November, and members voted to accept the offer in December. 

MOJ 2018 Industrial Action in Numbers (Click to download)

MOJ Campaign Review2


On 5th February, surveys were sent out to members and delegates and kept open for one week. The surveys asked members and delegates a series of questions reflecting on the industrial action taken.  The delegate survey included an additional  question about support for delegates during industrial action. 

Response rates were good, with 464 members and 64 delegates responding.

This summary contains graphs of members’ and delegates’ responses followed by a summary of the responses from both members and delegates.


Highlights from the September 19 nationwide strike.

Auckland - Central

IMG 5053

IMG 5265IMG 5307

Auckland - South

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IMG 20180919 114934 resized 20180919 125031886IMG 20180919 114940 resized 20180919 125030877Rotorua

IMG 20180919 114352 resized 20180919 015011121IMG 20180919 114131 resized 20180919 015011387Tauranga

IMG 20180919 104621 resized 20180919 105645039IMG 20180919 104610 resized 20180919 105645804IMG 20180919 104522 resized 20180919 105643168Wellington

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Watch the videos below to hear from Ministry of Justice members as they talk about the challenges they face in their roles, and why they're on strike.