MOJ Bargaining 2020

For all your MOJ 2020 bargaining resources.

Update: 24 June 2020

Kia ora, we are bargaining on 25 and 26 June, and will update you further afterwards.

MOJ Bargaining Team

Your 2020 bargaining team

Your 2020 bargaining team are:

  • Marc Williamson
    Trainer - Christchurch DC
  • Amanda Ryan
    Court Registry Officer - Auckland DC
  • Langdon Bradley
    Court Registry Officer - Auckland DC
  • Jared Doe
    Technical Specialist - Wellington HC
  • Paula Davis (Maori Enterprise Delegate) 
    Land Registry Officer - Rotorua MLC
  • Temira Rissetto (Team Leader/Manager National Delegate)
    Service Manager - Auckland DC

Along with PSA organisers Liz Roozendaal and Willie Cochrane.

Where's the Justice? Stickers

Wheres the justice sticker design

Your delegate will have these stickers. Please talk to them if you need one.

Landscape Poster

where is the justice landscape poster

Download and print this poster for display in your workplace. (PDF, 140KB)

Noticeboard header

MOJ noticeboard banner 1

Download and print this noticeboard header. Two size options included. (PDF, 23KB)

Stay tuned!