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 14 May PSA Update: Welcome to Level 2
 30 March  Connecting with MSD During COVID-19
 24 March   MSD Union News

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Will MSD reimburse me for additional expenses while working from home? 

There is provision in the CA for reimbursement for ‘actual and reasonable expenses incurred in the course of your work’, most internet providers have lifted caps on home broadband plans to help people avoid that expense and almost all of Aotearoa are in the same boat spending more time at home at the moment. If you think your costs meet the CA provision keep track of them and we can follow them up as we return to more business as usual.

As an essential worker can I get priority access to the supermarket? 

Some supermarkets are allowing essential workers to skip the queue or shop earlier than their normal opening hours. Unfortunately this is being decided by each individual supermarket and in some cases they define ‘essential workers’ as health care and emergency personnel only. The decision to apply this consistently would need to be either a government directive or a decision by the businesses themselves, unfortunately MSD and PSA can’t do more than encourage them to do so.

Will there be some form of bonus for people continuing to work during this time? 

This is a sticky one as many people are continuing to work but from home, or would like to be working but aren’t able to. I think this quote from an Op Ed by PSA National Secretary Kerry Davies sums up the current situation well:

“The protection of our workers’ health and safety stands on its own and can’t be sold for higher wages. It’s fine to have a conversation about increasing people’s base pay – but let’s not muddy the waters by conflating two vital conversations. For me, at least some good will come out of this lockdown if society ends up placing increased value on essential work.”

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