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This page is intended as a resource for members from Oranga Tamariki to find key documents related to PSAs involvement in Oranga Tamariki. It also aims to provide a 'one stop shop' for other important info around projects, delegates and news.


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Eileen Kaveney is a PSA Rūnanga Delegate from Oranga Tamariki Lower Hutt Site, where she works as a Care and Protection Social Worker.

This korero is about Eileen's mahi in her role as our PSA Rūnanga delegate and how she incorporates her Māoritanga into her everyday mahi as a social worker.

See the table below for all Oranga Tamariki newsletters on COVID-19:

Date Sent Subject Line
 25 May PSA Oranga Tamariki 2020 - 9
 14 May Oranga Tamariki Residence PSA Update 4
 07 May Oranga Tamariki update for FGC Co-ordinator Members only
 23 April Oranga Tamariki Residences PSA Update 2
 14 April Oranga Tamariki updated advice for working from home
 07 April Oranga Tamariki Residences PSA Update 1 
 06 April OT Update - Stay at Home
 27 March Oranga Tamariki as an essential service
 24 March PSA @ OT - Staying Connected During COVID-19

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Click the links below to view letters to the Social Workers Registration Board and the Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Social Workers

Letter to Social Workers Registration Board

Letter to Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Social Workers

Members across the country are feeling the effects of Covid-19 and many of you are working from home as you can still perform your work while self-isolating, consistent with the directives provided by the Director General of Health and Civil Defence.

Oranga Tamariki has been identified as an essential service

This means parts of the Ministry need to remain open and operational during this time, requiring Members to leave the safety of their home as they are expected to head out into the Community to undertake their work.

Our Residences, Care and Protection & Youth Justice Practitioners to name a few are in this situation.

In the event you are required to respond to a critical incident

We would expect Oranga Tamariki to provide you with a safe working environment. That includes appropriate control measures (eliminates, isolates and minimises risks), and where appropriate, personal protection equipment is supplied to comply with the employer’s responsibility to provide a safe working environment under Health and Safety legislation.

If your safety can not be assured, you can refuse to undertake the task.

If you find yourself in a situation where you must fulfil your obligations as an essential worker and feel that your safety is or may be compromised, please raise these concerns with your line manager and PSA delegate.

Our recommendation to members is that where you can avoid working in the office, you should follow the advice from Health Officials and stay home, on the proviso you can continue your usual office work at home, given the current circumstances this would be reasonable.

If you have any questions on this point please talk to your delegate or organiser who is happy to support and assist you.

National delegates maintain regular contact with their site delegates in their areas, to monitor the situation and to advocate and support their members at this extraordinary time.

PSA are raising all matters directly with the leadership at Oranga Tamariki, and in the interest of transparency we will be reporting back to members our progress in due course.

Introducing the latest development from your PSA organisers, convenors, and delegates, the PSA @ OT podcast. The purpose of this podcast is to help get the important messages to you, our members, as another medium in addition to our social media and newsletters. 

Episode 6: Manawatu Taranaki Regional Hui

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The professional development fund is a PSA member only benefit for people working at Oranga Tamariki who are covered by the main collective. The fund is administered by three PSA delegate and three Oranga Tamariki representatives.

Applications for the fund can be sent to:

The application form and criteria can be found here:







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OT Newsletter - 22 February 2020

OT Newsletter - December 2019

Introducing the latest development from your PSA organisers, convenors, and delegates, the PSA @ OT podcast. The purpose of this podcast is to help get the important messages to you, our members, as another medium in addition to our social media and newsletters. 

Episode 1: Introducing your organisers and convenors

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Episode 2: FGC meeting and Residences update

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Episode 3: Strategic Engagement Meeting feedback


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Episode 4: On the ground at Tāmaki Makaurau

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Episode 5: Workloads

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Episode 6: Manawatu Taranaki Regional Hui

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  • PSA-Submission-on-Kairaranga-Role-Aug-2019 pdf | 560 KB | Last Changed: 13/08/2019 2:47pm

    The PSA Rūnanga national delegates wrote a submission about the Kairaranga role currently being consulted on.

  • Reccomendations-to-project-governance-SWRA-Admin-Review pdf | 166 KB | Last Changed: 13/08/2019 2:28pm

    This document was written to the Project Governance group from Oranga Tamariki with the recommendations from the SWRA/Admin delegate team. These recommendations were based on analysing the huge amount of feedback we got in consider this. There will be final results in all changes once we get a decision from Oranga Tamariki.

  • Oranga-Tamariki-CA-December-2018-to-June-2021 pdf | 11 MB | Last Changed: 27/06/2019 9:17am

    This is the collective agreement covering the majority of workers within Oranga Tamariki.

  • Terms-of-settlement-OT-2018-2021 pdf | 1 MB | Last Changed: 27/06/2019 9:14am

    This document supplements the collective agreement describing the agreements reached between Oranga Tamariki and the PSA in bargaining.

  • Terms-of-settlement-CYF2016 pdf | 1015 KB | Last Changed: 01/07/2019 3:23pm

    This is the terms of settlement from the last bargaining done under the CYF brand when CYF was a part of the Ministry for Social Development. Many of the commitments remain- for example those around transporting.

  • Change-process-protocol-final-2019 pdf | 82 KB | Last Changed: 27/06/2019 3:09pm

    These are the high level principles that underpin how we at the PSA expect Oranga Tamariki to engage with us on different types of change. It is worthwhile knowing these so that members can ensure the organisation follows these and includes us at every stage.

  • PSA-Relationship-Agreement-14.6.18-Final pdf | 377 KB | Last Changed: 26/06/2019 1:59pm

    The relationship agreement describes how our delegate structures work, how we can escalate issues and also detail the agreements between Oranga Tamariki and the PSA on delegate release and engagement. Individual sites then fill in a site agreement agreeing their specific needs.

  • Oranga-tamariki-casework-and-workload-survey pdf | 1.4 MB | Last Changed: 26/06/2019 2:00pm

    This is a survey undertaken of PSA members who held a caseload in 2018. Designed to update some of the basic data gathered in the 2014 Work and caseload review it captures critical information on the pressure on members and was sent to the Minister.

  • OT-Gender-Pay-Gap-Action-Plan-final-2019 pdf | 133 KB | Last Changed: 27/06/2019 9:35am

    The PSA work with Oranga Tamariki every year to put together a gender pay action plan. Every agency in the public service is required to have a gender pay action plan and look to eliminate gender bias at every stage in the employment life cycle. (Recruitment, promotion etc.) The PSA monitor progress on this work throughout each year.

  • Gender-Pay-Gap-Data-Analysis-for-SSCfinal pdf | 159 KB | Last Changed: 27/06/2019 9:38am

    This is the data that we look at and continue to monitor for the purposes of eliminating gender and ethic bias within Oranga Tamariki when it comes to pay and progression. Take a look- still lots of work to be done.

  • Terms-of-Settlement-for-SW-Pay-Equity-Claim- pdf | 256 KB | Last Changed: 27/06/2019 2:34pm