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Kia ora and welcome to the PSA at the Ministry for Primary Industries. This information is for PSA members only.

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NEWImproved Covid-19 special leave process (23 Apr)

When MPI put in place Covid-19 special leave as the crisis developed it included anticipated sick leave (ASL) (using future entitlements of paid sick leave). The delegates didn't think this was a good idea -

  • members might come to work sick if they didn't want to build up a large future sick leave debt.
  • using future sick leave could mean staff have no paid sick leave protection for months or years in the future

We asked MPI to reconsider and after some discussion they have. They agreed to remove the ASL requirement. If you need to take sick leave for a Covid-19 related reason and you have used up your paid sick leave then you will go straight to paid Covid-19 special leave.

Well done delegates for pushing this. Once again the PSA improves conditions for MPI staff. Time to ask your non-union co-worker to be fair and join the union, not just enjoy the benefits!

Covid-19 information

MPI, PSA and the Government are already providing a large amount of information on Covid19 and its impact on workers. We have private Facebook pages for MPI members in the Border and Target Evaluators to provide further information and discuss issues.