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Kia ora and welcome to the PSA at Ministry for Primary Industries pages. This information is for PSA members only.

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"Stronger Together"

We have over 1,300 members throughout NZ, in most areas and departments of MPI.

The union works at three levels –

  • National issues affecting all members
  • Workplace issues affecting a number of members in a workplace or department
  • Individual member support and advice including disciplinary matters

Collective Agreement

We have a Collective Agreement with MPI which provides a strong and comprehensive set of employment terms and conditions.

The Agreement is re-negotiated regularly so we can negotiate pay and seek to improve your conditions.

Support for members

The union is supported by dozens of workplace delegates who are member volunteers.

To support members and delegates there are PSA union organisers (officials) throughout NZ.

Comments / want to know something?

Email the PSA MPI national organiser here


Border Regional Ports Officers pay dispute - Long standing dispute following 2017 bargaining. Resolved at Mediation.

Compliance Services and PSA relationship - regular union / director meetings set up.

Dog Handlers roster dispute Auckland - Long standing dispute following a roster review. Resolved at Mediation.

Fishery Observers and PSA relationship - regular union / director meetings set up.

General Salary Range - introduction of a stepped pay system at the 2019 Bargaining. This was a significant change to the way MPI manages remuneration:

  • Each year MPI benchmarks its General Salary Ranges against the public sector median. Over the last      couple of years the public sector median had started to move more significantly. As a consequence MPI had fallen behind on average by 7% (between 4% and 10% per salary range).
  • MPI recognised that they needed a different approach to remuneration that was more fair and      transparent, which provided the opportunity for individuals to automatically progress their pay in line with the Public Sector Median. The PSA claim at Bargaining enabled this to happen.

 This new approach to remuneration is more favourable than the previous system and provides many benefits to members, in terms of higher midpoints for each range, automatic progression, and increased transparency.

Support Officer pay jolt - Pay band "I" removed, all Support Officers / admin roles moved to higher band "H"and a pay movement to reward experience not recognised historically. Part of our Equal Pay work.

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