MPI projects and bargaining

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Bargaining 2021 | it’s about your pay and conditions

 The Collective Agreement (CA) expires on 30 June. Fisheries Observers have their own CA which expired 31 March.

  • The Agreements remain in place for a further 12 months after expiry. This allows us time to bargain and renew them
  • We are bargaining both Agreements at the same time.

Process to date

  • We have had two bargaining rounds in June for a total of 5 days.
  • Due the government pay freeze / restraint formal bargaining around money-based claims couldn't proceed until mid-July (see attached letter from MPI in documents section below)
  • We have had two video bargaining rounds, 3 days in total at the end of August (lockdown)
  • Communications and other documents in section below.

Our claims - what do we want?

Draft claims have been prepared by the national delegates, discussed at member meetings and then signed off by the national delegates. The detailed claims can be found in the documents area below (revised version 27 July).

Contact us / online

We have private Facebook groups for Border members and general MPI members.

We have a private WhatsApp channel

Bargaining decisions are made by the national delegates committee. The committee has set up a small team to run the day-to-day negotiations. 

  • Andrew Dugmore – Christchurch BCS
  • Chris Hearfield - Compliance
  • Diane Anderson – DSS
  • Jamie Davis-Kristensen – Target Evaluators
  • Mira Bosman / Nijita Nand – Auckland BCS (co-share)
  • Monique Williams - Wellington general staff
  • Robert Way – Wellington BCS