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  • Now the restructure document has been released the union is active in advising and supporting members and providing feedback and comments to MPI


    20 July 21 - PSA submission made
  • some communication updates are in the document sections below (not all, Delta lockdowns reduced our capacity to update this site)

Recent successes

  • putting in place ring-fencing for significantly affected members in the restructure
  • getting the shift leave that was reduced or removed by MPI reinstated and backdated
  • reinstating permanent rosters after MPI introduced temporary rosters after Covid19
  • putting in place a permanent agreed roster for Auckland BCS "rotational" staff for the first time since the role was introduced 

Stay involved -

Talk with a delegate

Facebook - "PSA MPI Border Staff" (private group, members only)

WhatsApp - "PSA MPI union members (private group)

Information -

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