MPI national delegates

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Convenors - 

Monique Williams (Wellington, Agricultural Investment Services) 

  • also a member of the MPI Diversity and Inclusion committee

Tess Keough (BCS Wellington / seconded out to Te Uru Rākau)

Hinonga Mangai Maori -

Reremoana Sinclair

Committee - 

Andrew Dugmore (Border, CHC)

Chris Hearfield (Compliance - Fisheries Officers)

Dave Nendick (Wellington, Animal and Plant Health)

Diane Anderson (DSS)

Garreth Jay (Compliance - Fisheries Officers)

James Frost (Border, Auckland Airport)

Kevin Byrnes (Compliance - Animal Welfare)

Katie Thompson (Border, CHC)

Lisa Maria (DSS- Aquatic & Environment Health)

Logan Fenton (Health and Safety)

  • trained Health and Safety Representative
  • member of the MPI national health and safety committee

Laure Michon (Border, Dog Handlers)

Mira Bosman (Border, Auckland) (co-share with Nijita Nand)

Monique Williams 

Nijita Nand (Border, Auckland) (co-share with Mira Bosman)

Rob Way (Border, Wellington)

Tess Keough 

vacant -

  • Border, Regional Ports
  • Border, Queenstown / Otago