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Kia ora, and welcome to the page for PSA members at the NZ Transport Authority

About us

The PSA (Public Service Association) is a union that represents people like you. By joining the PSA you can be part of a collective that works to improve working life at the NZ Transport Agency.

The PSA is New Zealand’s largest union and largest state sector union, representing over 62,000 members in the public service and state sector agencies, DHBs, local government and community organisations. Unions are the best safeguard for workplace rights. The things you take for granted -- such as annual holidays, paid sick leave, parental leave, the 40 hour week -- have been hard-won by unions over many years. We ensure the rights of our members are protected by working cooperatively with the employer.


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 23 March NZTA Members Update - March 2020

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  • Advice and support - you can raise queries about employment matters with us and get good advice in a supportive environment.
  • Protection - for the price of a couple of coffees a week, you can have some peace of mind knowing you have back-up in case things go wrong at work.
  • Discounts and holiday homes - you can book holiday homes, and get discounts on tyres, banking, insurance, and foreign exchange. See more at:
  • A strong voice - you can be part of group that is interested in advancing a better work life at the NZ Transport Agency in a constructive manner.
  • You can be part of group that is interested in advancing a better work life at the NZ Transport Agency in a constructive manner.
  • You can take part in making the Agency a great place to work by resolving workplace issues, have your say for better conditions without feeling isolated, suggest better ways work could be organised, and respond to employer’s proposals for change.
  • There is both strength and safety in numbers and in having a collective voice.
  • You can raise queries about employment matters and get good advice in a supportive environment. We are there to provide personal case management, as well as working on the ‘big picture’ stuff like workplace culture and organisational change.

Join now

  • Negotiate and progressively bargain for better terms and conditions of employment on your behalf -- we save you having to do it all on your own
  • Your terms and conditions improve whenever the Collective Employment Agreement improves, e.g. Long service leave extended so that you receive 1 week of long service leave on every fifth anniversary of your service.$3,000 shift allowance for workers at the Transport Operations Centre
  • Support you or your team if you are restructured and co-ordinate a group submission
  • Have a say on your work environment, how work is organised, and how to make this a better place to work
  • You have someone to turn to if things go wrong at work
  • Free advice and support on dealing with difficult employment situations
  • Represent you in workplace disputes -- don’t get above your head
  • Ensure you get a fair deal -- ensures principles of natural justice are fulfilled in all dealings between you and the employer
  • Provides a safe environment to speak up in and share your concerns
  • Get advice on when and how to make a personal grievance, protected disclosure, or complaint.
  • Support you if you are being bullied at work
  • Assistance with negotiating a settlement with the employer, should you need to leave the Agency.

Your office delegate(s) is your first port of call for advice or support when you have a concern or problem at work.


NZTA delegates meeting


George Laird, PSA organiser for NZTA

Marceli davison

George Laird, PSA organiser for NZTA

Find a delegate (NZTA intranet link)