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Winners of the Web Content Competition

Congratulations go to Neelu Hannif and Chris McDowall!

Neelu Hannif


My name is Neelu, and I am a Senior Technical Services Advisor in the Capital Markets Team at the Companies Office (Auckland).  I’ve been working at MBIE for 17 years. 

Since I started at MBIE, although it has been a huge struggle at times, the PSA has continued to fight hard for better pay and working conditions for us all, and I’m glad to be a member. 

Chris McDowall


I work at MBIE in their Insights and Data Transformation team – our goal is to help make MBIE ‘data ready’ in terms of its culture, leadership and people capability; and to support/advise/connect MBIE’s data people. Originally though, I studied a masters in marine biology and was a graduate in the GovTech Talent Programme. I recently moved to Upper Hutt, where I go running and cycling in the hills and bush, play cornet in a brass band, and help with a local ICONZ boys programme. My interests are anything to do with the environment, running, and science/history/philosophy/theology.

What I like about being a PSA member is that we are always trying to improve working conditions at MBIE.  I was impressed with the way that the PSA and MBIE worked together on the new Career & Pay Progression project.  This collaboration was evident at the information session I attended where we had PSA and MBIE reps leading the session.


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