Holiday Home Info

The following terms and conditions apply to all PSA holiday home use to ensure all PSA members, their families and friends have an enjoyable holiday.

1. Check in time is from 12 noon on the date of arrival and members must depart the unit by 10:00 a.m. on the date of departure. Members are responsible for picking up and returning the key to the keyholder where this applies.

2. We prefer that the PSA member paying for the booking is in residence in the holiday home during the period of occupancy. 3. The member in whose name the booking has been made is responsible for compliance with these terms and conditions of use irrespective if they are in occupancy or not

4. All PSA holiday homes are smoke-free.

5. All PSA holiday homes, buildings and properties are animal-free zones. No pets, livestock or caged birds are allowed on the properties, including the grounds and in cars.

6. Members are asked not to exceed the specified number of people per unit. To do so would be in breach of the fire regulations as well as being unfair to members staying in the other units.

7. Members are responsible for ensuring that the holiday home they occupy is clean and tidy when they vacate. A cleaning service is available in Whitianga, Rotorua, Raumati and Nelson for a small fee. Cleaning service and payment to be arranged with the caretaker.

8. Members are responsible for the supervision and behaviour of children, guests and family members who may occupy the unit. Please be considerate to other members and neighbouring houses.

9. Parties and large gatherings are not permitted under any circumstances.

10. Disrespect shown to any of our caretakers or keyholders is not tolerated and can result in a member being banned from the use of holiday homes.

11. During peak periods, i.e. school and public holidays, a maximum of 7 nights can be booked by a member in a maximum of one unit.

12. During off-peak periods there is no limit to the number of nights booked by a member in a maximum of two units.

13. Due to the demand a ballot/allocation exercise is carried out in respect to the summer school holiday period. The ballot closes in August each year.

14. PSA take no responsibility for members’ vehicles and personal effects or those of visitors during the period of occupancy. Payment is required: a. One month before occupancy if the booking is made more than one month prior to occupancy. b. At least ten working days before the first day of occupancy if the booking is made less than 30 days prior to occupancy. c. Immediately for bookings made within ten working days prior to occupancy.

If payment is not made when due, PSA reserves the right to cancel the booking without notice to allow another member’s booking to be confirmed.

16. A cancellation fee equal to one day’s rental will apply: a. In the event that notice of cancellation is received less than ten working days before the first day of occupancy. b. If payment has not been made, the member is still liable for the cancellation fee. If notice of cancellation is received ten working days or more before the first day of occupancy a full refund will be made.

Revised Terms and Conditions for all bookings made from 30 August 2010.